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  1. It brings your shadow up, if you want to do shadow work and work on your fears or do other spiritual practices. It helps you meditate in a way, you go more inside yourself, your mind and emotions. What you need to do is realise these are just thoughts and it's a drug, your mind creates illusions.

  2. I ate a high amount of space cakes before and I got a rapid heart rate, panic attack, body shaking and I was questioning my own thoughts and existence. Anyone else have that? Also I felt like I was manually breathing

  3. I am the type of person that can be paranoid on weed. To fix this i usually take 1 hit and wait a minute. If i am still fine i continui smoking. It helps me not to become too high and start tripping.

  4. I have no clue why but back then I use to smoked fat asf I never use to have panic attack . But now when I smoke I have a huge panic attacks thinking ima die or have a heart attack. What should I do to stop this panic episodes

  5. It makes me sad I used to smoke it and I enjoyed it then I did stronger pulls and then I started to have bad trips like I would shake my heart was pounding so much I thought I was gonna die I went numb and it was just scary then I stopped smoking it and I thought I was gonna die for like a week and I cried everyday so now I won’t smoke it anymore but I do miss it

  6. Sometimes when I'm high, it almost sounds like somebody is running up the stairs into my room, but I go check and it's nothing.

    Then again, I am VERY new to pot, so that could be just it.

  7. Not only was I paranoid, I felt like I was dying. I got a panic attack and was depersonalized. I lost my grasp on reality. I kept getting wave after wave of panic and anxiety. It went on for maybe two hours. It was a total nightmare. Then I didn’t sleep for 24 hours because my heart was racing so fast. I had self inflicted scratches everywhere and my muscles ached from tensing up so hard and bouncing my legs non stop for an hour. I really wanted to die because I was so terrified. Begged my friends to call an ambulance to drug me to sleep. Worst experience of my life. I was kind of scarred afterwards.

  8. My body feels super tight and I twitch a lot. I get scared that I’ll have a seizure. Forget to breathe and my heart races. I have to keep reminding myself to calm down

  9. When I got high I was kicked out of my house and was waiting for someone to come home and my neighbors were getting work done on their roof and my brain turned the hammering into a song 😂 (I was in my backyard for like 2 hours)

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