What Happens To Your Body When You Smoke Marijuana?

What does weed do to you body? Grace, Amir and Daron discuss the effects of marijuana on the cellular level on Simple Science. Let us know what weird facts …


  1. I have been smoking weed after I lost my mum on 2016.
    The thing is, know I smoke a lot and is also affecting my skin, am like not healthy, the thing is good but know I wanna quit

  2. The fear/anxiety one is not always true. I suffer with anxiety and if you do some research it's fairly easy to find strains that help with anxiety and depressing. If you're just buying a bag from black market you take your chances, but if you use a dispensary or someone that knows what they're doing you can avoid those things.

  3. As a fellow science nerd I love the idea of this segment!🤓 (perhaps a chair though?)
    I was prescribed Marinol, aka RX synthetic cannibis pills – most commonly used to treat severe nausea in AIDS patients or due to chemo – to treat nausea due to severe gastroparesis & even a fairly small dose made me feel SO horrible that I’m pretty sure – & my doc confirmed it’s likely – that I’m one of those people who just doesn’t get along well w/ cannibis/ marijuana. That said I was very malnourished & altogether in horrible health overall at the time so that may have impacted my reaction. Now that I’m well nourished – Thx to 12 years of IV nutrition😳 – & in a relatively more stable place health-wise I’d be willing to give it a go & have thought about doing so to see if it might help for when I do have flares of severe nausea. I may ask my doc her thoughts the next time I see her…

  4. i didnt smoke as a teen because my brother kept attracting so much trouble due to it. i started around 21/22 and it's pretty much a habit now

  5. ABOUT THE NEW FORMAT: I feel like if Daron was sitting too it would help her, specially because she could lay the paper on the table to read it more discreetly and maybe she’d feel a little more comfortable, the uhns really cut the pace and kinda distracted me hahahaha. Anyway, I really like this sciency content, specially brain stuff. :3

    (Sorry if it that sounded bitchy, but I really like the channel I thought some constructive criticism could be useful)

  6. this was very interesting. Daron thank you for sharing because I have had the same reaction and I thought I was the only one who had that type of experience. Yeah I just learned that weed was not he drug for me lol

  7. I passed the day after. But I’m really thin and all I did was drink a lot of water all day before the test.lol. But I like never smoke also, there isn’t much of an absorption from over time either. And I also once took WAYto big of a hit and when I got up later, I started feeling nauseated and dizzy where my friends had to help me walk to their car. And I didn’t think I could make it down the 3 steps and I was crouching trying to gain composure and fell deep asleep for like a whole minute and in my dream I woke myself up knowing I still had to go down the steps and then woke up and attempted them. It was the worst feeling ever. That was my “first person to overdose” feeling for me.

  8. I loooveee Darren, Amir and Grace!!!! LOVE THIS SEGMENT. But get Darren a couch pls. Make it more cozy like murder with friends?
    "welcome to simple science. Im your host Darren……"

  9. This is interesting, I really appreciated how the 3 of you explained your level on intake with weed and it was really cool how Daron doesn't use it, how Grace is a recreational user and Amir explained his history with being heavily into it and has died down. I think having a group of people with different levels of using really brings a unique vibe to the topic and its good it's not bias. I like this episode.

  10. Ok, ONE: It's Cannabis. Marijuana, sadly far too over-used, is the name Nixon gave this already medicinal plant in order to demonize it & perpetuate racism.
    TWO, this is not an informational segment, and you should have stated that at the top. Someone who "overdosed & freaked out" their first time & calls edibles 'dangerous' should not be in charge of this segment.

  11. These are all the classic signs of Shamanic behavior, next thing you know you'll be spirit-walking, wandering the lonely places of the Earth

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