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  1. It works…I take my Nutraburst every morning , and drink lazo lemon in am and in pm, with healthy eating, exercise… It helps with detoxing , I feel the difference💓💓💓

  2. Thanks for keeping comments open. I need help selling this stuff. I believe in it, because I know it works. The only problem is they don't keep stock. Everything is sold out! People want health and life changing products asap. You can't say, Hey, try this product and they're all, yeah I'd like to, but it's out of stock! If they fix that problem it would be a great venture.

  3. I'm glad I chose to watch your review, on these products . This was informative; and you seem way cool . Also.. I can so relate to the night owling; and am working on that . Definitely interested in checking out more of your content .

  4. I have to be completely honest. I purchased mine from someone else and I’ve been using it for 10 days now and I have not seen any changes. Not even minor changes. I didn’t make a drastic change with my diet but I reduced my portion sizes, I’ve upped my water intake drastically and I no longer eat after 8pm. The only thing that the tea does for me is give me regular bowel movements and makes me sleep good. The nutraburst gives me energy but as far as weight loss I’m not gaining but I’m not losing and the way I used to eat I should have at least seen something by day 7 AT LEAST! I also haven’t had alcohol at all. I’m disappointed and would like to know what am I doing wrong

  5. I’m pregnant and my friend referred me to take the nutri burst! My doctor told me I’m low on iron to take a pill supplement. Is there enough iron in this to take just this? And also it says on the bottle to take a tablespoon, or should I take a whole cap full? Thanks!

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