The Rise & Fall of CBD Potency in a Hemp Plant During the Flowering Cycle

A week by week test of a medicinal hemp plant to determine the CBD (and THC) potency over the entire flowering cycle and the consequence of harvesting too …


  1. Hemp is the miracle plant. C.B.D cures sooooooo many ailments, somewhat interesting that in health stores its extraordinarily expensive when its so widely available….I smell corruption.

  2. This is interesting because I was under the impression that Cherry Blossom was a strain with consistently low THC levels. Now what are the legal implications of these results? Are you obligated to submit all these potency results to the state? Or do you just submit the test results that are in compliance?

  3. I think the government regulators are confused. There are two types of cannabis: Hemp and Marijuana. If the hemp plant has a THC percentage higher than 0.3%, then the hemp plant could be considered marijuana. No matter what, hemp will always be cannabis.

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