The Marijuana Users Bill of Rights! – Ed Rosenthal, Ganja Guru – Smokers Guide TV Michigan

+UncleStoner sat down with Ed Rosenthal as he discusses his Marijuana Users Bill of Rights and cannabis liberation…. Subscribe for more videos like this …

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  1. Michigan is one of the most legit areas on the planet right now, so long as youre in the right county… you can sell and trade tax free, the way it should be. Regulations are being put up all over all states this year, and its based upon rich clueless non-cannabis people making the regulations, all so they can profit and smal time farmers can get washed out by high license costs. The license and tax on cannabis should be capped at 99 dollars for license, and 15 percent on retail tax to keep it from overburdening consumer costs like we see in Colorado and Washington state.

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