TCIA Chairman Elizabeth Nichols Talks Texas Cannabis Bills | MERRY JANE NEWS

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  1. As for me I don’t smoke it because I live in Indiana I don’t ever thank it ever became legal here and even though I don’t smoke it I’d still want it legal here then I might try it if I knew someone that smokes it because legal or not there are people who smoke it in any state legal or illegal or not they going to spark up no matter what.

  2. I have a friend that a girl lives in Texas I don’t live there in Texas but she told me how she used to smoke it before she became a mom she needs it because she has stress and Enxiety depression and I just would like to have a cool loving friend that doesn’t have to hide it anymore I bet she be a better cool loving mom to her almost 3 years old daughter.

  3. the texas representatives most likely, work with the drug lords and they pay the politicians to keep it illegal so the lords can sell their shit with no competition from legal pot stores that sell quality weed with listed ingredients and limited pesticides and dates of harvest etc. etc……..

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