Ramsay Amazed by Stoner Owner’s Son and His Ruthless Brother | Hotel Hell

Gordon confronts Stoner Owner’s two sons to help their mother run the hotel. Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: Subscribe for weekly …


  1. Shouldn't she know how much he makes?? she just said in the beginning tht shes the only one thts ever even touched the books lol. so unless there laundering money there shouldn't by any money she doesnt know about

  2. Hows he making 12 grand a month and they In debt almost a million at a steady pace youd have tht place paid off in less than 10 years. And how long has it been running??

  3. She has no one to blame for herself. That is unacceptable. If that's really true, I would fire my sons immediately and she should be completely in charge of all the finances. Makes no sense.

  4. What lazy self entitled pieces of shit. But then again its CO. Can't expect too much from millenials who are in their early 30s. Too bad the mom didn't fire them and kick them out. Fuck em and Hire new people.

  5. “I want to see you grow up and become a man”. Says the stoned brother whose a bigger child then the other one is. The thing that really gets me though is that both their business’s are in the hotel and if it goes down then so do they regardless of how much they are making so it only benefits them to help. What a couple of idiots. I really feel sorry for the mother.

  6. Honestly I hope Gordon realizes that it’s not the weed it’s the person so if he wants to blame anyone blame the person like you usually do I smoke and go to work and work my ass off this guys a douche that’s all

  7. Gordon: OK I think I know what's going on here. When was the last time you had a smoke?
    Son: (Mumbles incoherently)
    Me: Get the hell away from there and save your sanity and dignity Gordon! You don't deserve to be there.

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