1. Previously you spoke of Zenabis. I’m bag holding this one and was thinking to average down now because it looks like it might be ready to move up. Can you please comment on ZENA again with an update. Thank you

  2. The CEO should go to jail for ponze scheme people for three years have people in dilution and then turn around and liquidate small shareholders… he's nothing but a fucking criminal… l believe Nestle p was a scam… only white people can scam and get away with it anybody else do it dem go to jail… clearly let me say he hav people in dilution for soo long that he going to get a deal he didn't when shit get stink he liquidated his shareholders dem.

  3. Gilbert, I would like to ask you a question and if you can, discuss it in one of your upcoming videos. We had in Aurora a reverse stock split of 12 to 1. For every 12 stocks we had, they left us with 1. What I would like to know is if there is also the opposite of a reverse stock split and if in the future you think they will give us back 12 stocks per 1 share we have. What are your thoughts?

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