MORE would decriminalize marijuana | Cronkite News

The federal MORE Act is comprehensive reform bill that would decriminalize marijuana, expunge 50 years of marijuana convictions and create grants for …


  1. I truly hope this bill comes to pass. Marijuana is no different from alcohol. Passing this bill would be extremely profitable for the United States of America!

  2. It's all turned into a double standard industry of addictions now. No more pleasure in smoking, it's a need and addiction to most now. All the poisons they are investing in. It does not do anything for lifting peoples Senses, it just dulls the mind and body, and is more addictive now with all the High bred Heroin weeds. A joke at the borders, where others exploit it for revenue. A sick nation of hypocrites and now Pay to play Drug industry, surely destroying anything good about it. Sad

  3. Report from the Fake Constable of Opium and Its Synthetic Variations:
    Horse pills are horse blinders so they don't know they're pulling a load. They can't recover, that's a lie told by the other horses. They are changed forever and would fail the drug-free court anyway because of the insanity and confusion of the sheer number of horse users. Look, recovery of brain plasticity takes a lifetime and they'll just go insane and they're already insane anyway but at least they supply some food and shelter, although the media is mostly insane and for pulling horse loads. I can look right at something like Plato's "Republic" and tell they are drug-user perspectives because the drug-free mind consists of clarity and has few dreams unless exposed to a bombardment, which takes time to clear. What else can I say? You want the truth, then you got it. Most drug-free people can't handle the load and spend their life going insane, dirt-ridden, and confused. Any war on drugs is impossible from a drug-free point-of-view. If they all quit there would be so little economy the people would be like wandering natives. I see no point in anything but the illusion of drug-free opportunity. What's important, in my opinion, is maintaining the freedom of choice, although the battle for drug-free is a heavy load in itself and most people will cave at least once. Statistically and historically drugs have pretty much run the system since papyrus and before Christianity. There is probably a slow leak into the genetics. The main problem seems to be the competition of quality, as competition in the workplace requires secrecy and illicit factors. A low quality "horse-pill" can be detected through activity and tests. There is a hierarchy amongst users which can become a danger. I have been off of a short period (6 months? around 1990) of marijuana use with a small amount of LSD for 25 years and still feel adverse effects leaving my mind. I'd say an average person could support the maintenance of a small apartment of some cleanliness and personal hygiene on the already legal tobacco and alcohol, but little more if supported by the state for no work on a minimal check. Cars are a form of insanity. Drug-free people should not drive. If you want the truth it exposes the world its drug habits. That includes the respected members and contributors of society, sorry, that is the price of the truth. Users and ex-users probably don't accept death nearly as well because of all the good times and memories. That's another price of "good times" and powerful moments that don't exist in reality perspectives. They make it seem in those recovery programs that after your clean you'll enjoy life more; you'll be capable of more. That's wrong. You'll enjoy life less, and you'll think clear and be generally healthy, but capable of much, much less.

  4. Finally, this is ridiculous that we put our children and family in prison with real criminals, violent offenders, rapist child molesters. Then they become real criminals because it’s survival of the fittest, the. When they come out they are judged and have no future thanks to the system and how it keeps everyone in it.

  5. Marijuana shouldn't never been criminalized to begin with,other than that the war on drugs instead of locking people up for Cole ice etc,they should have just started punishment as cutting off 1 finger at a time and I guarantee people would stay home with dope and be happy what that got.

  6. Don't hold your breathe! It will never get to a vote in the Senate, it is just a symbolic act to try to get votes during the next election. The Republicans will never vote to legalize, they like the minorities being in prison, and are still in the 70's, when the war on drugs (and minorities) started, with the propaganda that pot will cause our children to become killers, and rapists.

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