MIND BLOWING facts about Marijuana

In this video I will go through some Mind Blowing Facts about Medical Marijuana, Mariuana, hashish or weed (however you want to call it). Marijuana is bad or …


  1. i was a pot head back in the late 60's or 70's and i declare through personal experience that for people with depression and anxiety pot will suck you into a rut of dependency and you won't progress emotionally or mentally. imo this self medicating with dope is the worst thing being promoted about it's usage these days.

  2. wow i didn't even know people could die for drinking water i would've bet the people who die from marijuana are many than who die just by drinking too much water. Nice and informative video

  3. Dearest son to have this wonderful capacity to highlight the dangerous behind this type of addictions and try to warn them give you another plus .Keep on. This great mission needs great peoples like you …I am more than proud of you.
    Karim Najar

  4. Awesome informative video! I got a 2/5 in the beginning, but learned a lot. Not a weed smoker, but have no problem with people smoking it within reason and definitely pro extending medicinal marijuana.

    Like anything else, I think it should be done within reason.

  5. Amazing as usual dude! I never knew this stuff about marijuana, I failed the weed quiz! XD

    I'm glad you made a video on this topic. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  6. Interesting topic. Haha I got 3 of those questions right. Many people are addicted to weed. Maybe in future you can make a video about how to get rid of drug addiction. Liked the snoopdog cartoon 😄

  7. i love weed especially because it makes me eat food.. otherwise i wouldent eat anything and khesian wouldent be so gaife

    so at the end of the day you must subscribe to Medcartoon because he is an awesome youtuber that teaches alot

    nice vid bruv 🙂

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