Meet the 'weed nuns' who put faith in the healing powers, and profits, of cannabis

The Sister of the Valley use a strain of marijuana that eliminates THC, but still contains CBD (cannabidiol), which is touted for its healing properties.


  1. THEY ARE NOT REAL NUNS! come on!

    They “are not nuns or religious sisters, they just dress up like they are and gain attention for that reason,” Noble recently wrote on the Catholic news website, Aleteia.

    “Sister Kate” is Christine Meeusen, a Milwaukee native and divorced mother of three who wore a nun costume — a Halloween leftover — to an Occupy Wall Street protest five years ago.

    “People didn’t care that I was a fake nun,” she told Racked. “They would just come to me with their problems and ask me to light a candle, say a prayer, or connect them to help.”

  2. It feels good right now but when you die….. There's two places you can Go. And that's the truth unless you don't believe what you claim. Liars are liars and im not the most innocent person. I am not perfect but we have to trust God and his word. These people are imposters in outfits. Something like the video game… Hit man. Is what it seems like. I don't trust them at all. I'm sorry. Maybe I'm wrong but last time i checked i didn't see anything in the bible that said to smoke weed.

  3. These are not catholic nor Christian nuns to all the idiots who use this as a way to mock the church they are using pagan rituals and are obviously not of Christ .

  4. Honestly i feel very sad to them. This is not true nun. They are fake. They dressed like a NUN but their attitude is very opposite with the true nun. I’m sorry guys but this is not right. Don’t ever use other religion to make hatred. Please respect others as others respect u.

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