1. Its Better than the alcohol woman have with dinner, my mom smoked ciggs during my pregnancy and I was born completely healthy, and cigarettes are way more worse for a child

  2. Imagine believing marijuana does anything but give you back your appetite, offer a safe way to cure morning sickness and save you $200 a week on zofran while youre pregnant. I'm 10+4 weeks and have been smoking every single day to help detour chronic depression and SEVERE morning sickness. As long as you trust the source you purchased the weed from there's nothing wrong. I've conducted research on this myself. I asked 10's of 100's of women who smoked weed while they were pregnant. The only repercussions I saw to be true (and still very uncommon) were early delivery and low birth weight. Almost all of them said their kids were advanced and very good learners. You see I think weed makes super babies.

  3. These are women that smoke prior to becoming pregnant. A clean mother that is healthy and doesn't use won't be using while pregnant. In the near future after more studies hopefully the children affected and proven to have brain damage from the using mother can sue for damages. Is just being selfish

  4. Its funny u see ppl say marijuana is bad during pregnancy but u cant find one actual story with a child who had negative effects from mom smoking weed while pregnant. Unlike if u search heroin meth alcohol or opioid babys. hmmm…. Sounds like alot of unbacked up talk that cant be proven bc they are wrong

  5. Marijuana is safer for people then proscribing any type of pill. How many people do we know that have to wake up everyday and take at least 3 different pills a day to tell them how to feel. In my opinion marijuana is safer then depression medication. Most people who are on antidepressants, need to take a pill everyday otherwise it can cause severe depression to the point of self harm/suicide. Also these pills usually effect your kidneys, liver, heart, so on. Every pill a doctor prescribes is just a Guinea pig pill, they don’t know the long term effects of this pill because it’s new. But marijuana has been used for thousands of years, just like honey. It’s a miracle medicine, that can be used for several different health problems. There’s no serious health problems tied to marijuana ever, and you can never over dose like you can on prescription medications. Doctors don’t want people using marijuana because they know they will be losing money.

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