Making a Diagnosis of PSP, CBD, or MSA

Making a Diagnosis of PSP, CBD, or MSA. Jim Bower, MD, Professor of Neurology, Mayo Clinic. How does a neurologist determine which disease a patient has …


  1. My dad has the same but its called Parkinson + MSA (multiple system disorder) .. I hv been visiting neuros regularly but to no avail , I see him struggling to move and he often gets unbearable pains .. please advise if anything can be done ..

  2. neurology is fucking scary to me.i can see all medical videos but neurology gives me chill down the spine and cold feet.u can hardly treat any neurological disorder .be it als brain cancer ,psp,cbd,msa,frontal temporal dementia or even a bfs ,epilepsy .all you do is manage epilepsy.fuck no progress is made in neurology.don't tell me u can treat ms and huntington and sma.

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