Is Weed GOOD or BAD for Bodybuilding? The Benefits? 4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler's Thoughts

4x Mr Olympia Jay Cutler discusses with me weed in bodybuilding & if there are potential benefits for sleeping, training, muscle growth & anxiety? Also we chat …


  1. Breathing in carbon monoxide (which is poisonous to EVERY organ in your body and is unfathomably terrible for your muscles, blood and health overall. You can believe ALL YOU WANT that weed is good for you but it doesn't make it so. Carbon monoxide is deadly. Burning ANYTHING and breathing it in is inhaling carbon monoxide. And TONS of it to add. In your lungs, your silia, bronchia, and capillaries all despise this oxygen-robbing gas and work very hard to work past it.

    You can believe anything you want but scientiffic facts are facts. Simple!! So I hope everyone understands the simplicity of C0 = BAD!! If you enjoy doing weed, fine. But don't lie and glorify it. It is a toxic substance. Toxic to your blood, organs (including skin) and your brain. ANYTHING that causes a chemical change in your body is unnatural and bad for you. We all have disorders ie: ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorder, depression etc. Using chemical modifying methods are unhealthy. We all have to learn how to handle our dysfunctions. Maybe it is dietary, unhappy with a job or relationship, mentality (ie: trauma or lack of parenting when we were young), or we just don't know how to cope. There is ALWAYS a method. The gym, running, biking, yoga, a healthy diet, detoxing, meditation, vacationing, a psychologist or maybe friends/family.

    Don't just sum up to "I need a quick fix". That is a band-aid solution and does no good. That is what is called a "dependancy".

  2. Like 10/150years agoI use to wake up smoke bongs no breakfast and go train that was the best shape I ever had I was eating 2maybe 3 times a day and everyone at the gym thought I was on roids

  3. jay I like coors light and liquor on my publix grocery store gift card as long as I get home without drinking it I was arrested for marijuana possession in the past how the hell u wanna convince me I want the hell of hiring an attorney the money hey more power to you maybe what was getting the door locked behind you in your jail cell forever is just a business man 's wet dream or paradise today just know weed caused me problems legally in the past I suspect a bunch of these "legalization?" of weed in cities counties or states? will be overruled and a bunch of people will be indicted become inmates becuz they could not resist going into the marijuana sales business.

  4. shit Jay I been to parties at The Ohio State University during my undergrad and plants were cultivating in rooms bro get out of it it's bad news marijuana is illegal by any cop law enforcement especially the fbi are having a hardon busting everybody the feds the fbi don't care about what some state politician is saying they will arrest somebody that possesses or smokes or has in their possession marijuana in it's various forms maybe ronnie coleman was right jay is smoking crack lol

  5. it makes  money, because its addictive,people change behaviour,i thought Jay was smarter then that,because of the extreme poverty in America I think its not clever,poor people rob when they are addicted, I should know, to protect my household I have shot and killed drug addicted criminals who have attempted to rob and attack myself.its not safe.

  6. When i was training a lot i couldnt smoke weed before a workout as i felt really weak after, maybe 30-40 % weaker than normal. But yes , the mind muscle connection intensifies for sure

  7. I've just recently given up 4 months ago and have never felt better, got better gains, better motivation, better sleep, better appetite and a better appreciation for life in general. Been smoking it for over 20 years and feel like I'm finally agetting my life back. Some people it just doesn't agree with and I guess I am one of those people. Best of luck to anyone like me who has been trying to give it up for years I know it isn't easy but stick with it you will feel so much better in the end.

  8. Known a few over the years who smoked it when bodybuilding.When I stopped Bodybuilding aye I did smoke and grow don't see nothing wrong with it .Alot of myths which are not true.You don't need masks because the smell won't get you high.

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