I get a lot of questions about my Instant Pot meals whenever I post them. Is it worth it? Is it healthy? Should I get one? So I thought I would make this ‘quick’ little …


  1. Just put the sauce ficture on when you put the ingredients that will warm the pot more fast and then change for the ficture you need for example cook beans will reduce the warm time in half

  2. This video is going to help me a LOT with the new pressure cooker I just bought. The tip about how to decide how much liquid to come in…. for the dish to be good… is invaluable! I would enjoy more instapot shows, yes!

  3. I have a Ninja Foodi which does all that the Instant Pot does, and in addition it is an air fryer. It is brilliant and I use it a lot. It has a large capacity. I used to have an old-fashioned pressure cooker but this is way better because you can “set it and forget it” or release the steam when you want. I batch-cook legumes and grains and freeze them in can-sized portions because many recipes call for e.g. a 14-oz can of… I have a chart that I downloaded (can’t remember where from) that gives you lots of comparisons, weight for weight, dry vs soaked legumes, how much they expand during cooking etc. Great machine.

  4. I have 2, but the Aldi version 6 Qt. For $40 they do everything the Instant pot does, they are basically the same pot except the pot is slightly different in size so the replacement pots on Amazon don't fit. I don't know if they have replacement pots for the Aldis. But they are very nice.

  5. Soaking the beans for 12 hours is the best time, it also takes off the gassiness you get from them as well. The natural release is also a cooking time, don't always release it. I find when I cook rice if I let it go too soon it's not as good and it's could be from 7 minutes natural release to 10 minutes.

  6. Instant Pot is nowhere near as good as all the “truthers” out there say it is. Save you money and pass on it. I regret blowing $100 on it. Wasted money.

  7. I've been using a crock pot my mother gave me for about 3 decades. I've used a pressure cooker before, but I generally use either a rice cooker or the crock pot for rice and beans. I guess I see it as a space saver and something a little more valuable than those two devices. I also use a magnetic hot plate with a cast iron skillet. Hard to decide. Maby when one of them fails.

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