Inside the UK's Cannabis Clubs – The Truth Behind Cannabis Clubs

This week on Inside the UK’s Cannabis Clubs we’re at Teesside Cannabis Club talking to Michael Fisher. #cannabisclubsuk #ukcannabissocialclubs …


  1. Looks like the mix of a Amsterdam coffee shop and my local CRI centre. Great job though guys, would love to visit one day. Can non-locals attend?

  2. This should be the blue print for safe cannabis consumption in every small town and city across the UK and Ireland.. I've been a smoker for 25years not a grower (yet) unfortunately, so with everything that's goin on at moment and police presence after being quadrupled here in Ireland it's near impossible to get any cannabis, it's now easier to get a bag of Charlie or Smack which is a sickening thought considering the damage hard drugs can bring to families, communities and health services… Legalization is years away in both the UK and Ireland but if governments could start with something along the lines of these cannabis clubs or even a two plant rule where you could grow your own couple for personal use without being labeled a criminal..

  3. Love what you guys are doing. But how do you do it when it's illegal in the uk?? Like I'm honestly baffled, absolutely amazing. Never heard of cannabis clubs in Scotland but we need them!! Keep up the good work guys ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

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