1. Thus shit had me having a lucid dream while being awake. How tf is that even possible. I was in a make belief land that was in my imagination but i wasn't asleep. Then the sounds of the video turned into voices and water dripping. Nothing like weed but crazy as hell for sure.

  2. Does this really work and if so how long will I be high (ok about 15 minutes later) wow that was weird first I didn’t feel anything for like forever then I thought maybe I should close my eyes then the real stuff started I felt like I was sinking into mud then I was spinning like on a spinning alien rides at fairs while I was sinking in mud then all that stopped slowly and I started to feel numb everything mostly my hands arms and feet then open my eyes after and moved around feeling tingly and stretched it was cool but weird

  3. I was trying this out because I was unsure if it was going to work or not about 2 minutes in a was tingling and it felt good and at about 5 minutes I got a massive boner I decided to maturbate to the music this is awesome thank you for the post

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