I Have A New Business! CBD oil

I have teamed up with Ben Franks to create our own CBD oil company called @impactsportscbd This is a game changer for people who train or play sport.


  1. Do it ya self!

    Set bench mark for other enthuisiasts and to get a mesaage to our gov to legalise it, alcohol causes far more damage yet weed is demonised n ilagal.

  2. Yoll do far better on ya own, get licsense to grow high cbd strain obviousely with no thc or 0.7% yur alloud thc. Yiull miss the boat to get a name n make money.

  3. It wont reverse CANCER, you need THC the substance that gets u high to activate CB1 & CB2 RECEPTORS that send signals the the tumors to comit suicide/shrink.

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