1. This is the second CBD Woman video I've watched and I think they're brilliant.
    She gives you the correct info you need without getting sidetracked into being a salesperson.
    I have had about 20 websites open trying to learn about which method is suitable for me to use CBD, and it was confusing.
    As I watch the vids I'm able to write notes that are specific and not full of waffle – Thanks CBD Woman 🤪 💐

  2. Just leave it in the flower buds keep it natural. Good grief they don trend good smoke int crystal meth! That’s the mechanic side of everything. Next thing they be showing you how to shoot it up.

  3. I love your accent. Its been 30 years since I was in Manchester. Or is it a Scouse accent? Anyhow, my son moved out and left his broken vape tech and 3 gms of isolate. Im going to melt into butter and mix into cookies. Ta very much for your clear information.

  4. The best way to do it is get 500 mg of cbd crystal powder then you add 500 mg to 8 ml of PG first mix it around and then transfer to a bottle. Then wait 6 hrs shaking in between then after 6 hrs add 2 ml of VG. That will give you 10 ml in total adding the cbd first to PG only dissolves the crystals. The crystals sometimes or will not dissolve properly in PG/VG mix. Also cbd should never be vaped in more than 50/50 VG & PG Mix for vaping. Cbd oil is also PG mixed already so you need to workout your PG/VG ratio and should never really be vaped over 30 watts otherwise you risk burning your cbd. Also it is best to MTL vape cbd and not in a DL tank, MTL is lower wattage and you use less cbd and DL the tank is warmer and you use more quicker.

  5. Is it possible to disolve the crystals somehow to be added to essential oils to be used in my atomizer? It is not a water vaporizer but an essential oil atomizer that uses pure oil. The MCT oils are too thick and clog up the atomizer.

  6. So should i buy 1 gram of cbd crystal / powder. Melt it in pg. Bottle that and add that mixture to my vape e liquid? Like a few drops? Or can i just buy cbd e liquid and add drops into my e liquid?

  7. My friend gave me some of this isolate, and i have been trying different products with oil. I would like to use the isolate to make a massage oil. For maybe pain relief. How much of this isolate powder should i use? or if I put it in a carrier oil like you have listed there. How much isolate should i use for say 250 ml container of oil?

  8. It's far better to vape isolate not only because of the 30-40%+ bioavailability, but also because it's competitive towards an enzyme in the liver which metabolizes many medications and even other cannabinoids. Second best option is to mix with oil and take sublingually which is 25-34% bioavailable.

  9. The vg/pg ratio is wrong…use 70% vg to 30% pg. Preferably 0% pg. Propylene glycol isn't so great for your body, however vg alone does tend to clog coils faster.

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