How to Use a Neti Pot

FIll the neti pot with warm and slightly salted water (one teaspoon of salt for every 0.5l water) and place the tip of the neti pot nozzle gently into your nostril.


  1. Please encourage people to use methods like this to deal with sinus problems and do NOT have surgery. Sinus surgery ruined my life. I now have nasal vale collapse, nerve pain, and Empty Nose Syndrome, which makes you feel like you are suffocating because it damages the nerves that feel your air. It is horrible. I find myself thinking about the least painful way to kill myself because I'm not sure I can keep living with this. It's like being a nightmare. My father watches me suffer every day.

  2. hey my mom had been using this method for years. she learned it from the Dr Oz show. she uses a tiny ceramic kettle which is the same size as yours. my mom ada severe resdung and this relieved her nose many times.

  3. Oddly satisfying actually. Looks like this more effective than the saline nasal spray. Might give it a try but afraid I might screw up the saline formula.

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