How to Take CBD Tincture (Extract Labs)

Heard of CBD tinctures but not sure what they’re all about? Check out this informative video to see how to take them, and to learn a bit more about Extract Labs’ …


  1. Thank you! I have been literally taking drops because the dropper had no measurements. I have 1500 30ml cdb oil and have been doing it wrong! Great to see somebody doing it literally!!!

  2. I don't understand what they mean by drops. Isn't a full pinch a drop? Cos I ran out after 12 drops when there's supposed to be 200 😂 I'm definitely doing it wrong.

  3. I just got your CBD oil and I don’t think it’s absorbing well under the tongue. If it doesn’t absorb after 90 seconds or so, should I just swallow? thx

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