How to Reclaim Cannabis Oil from Faulty Vape Cartridge Without Making a Mess

Drain your broken vape cartridges. Sometimes cartridges don’t work and sometimes there is still a tiny bit of precious oil left in the bottom of the tank but not …


  1. I was going to say because I just broke my grammar and I'm going to transfer it now.. this is not my first time so I just want to say be careful with your heat because the oil that's inside of the cartridges are not decarbed you don't want it to get too hot so it decarbed while you're transferring it… You don't want that.. trying to help and good luck

  2. Be careful with hair dryer. The hair dryer temperature is more then enough to evaporate most your oil if you not paying attention. Use at a distance and carefully!

  3. It worked i used a heat gun and then just poured it in using surface tension to pull it inside the new canister. Kudos. I thought this might work but after seeing this was gonna happen for sure. turned my oil just the slightest shade darker but no worries still does its thing.

  4. I tried this today but I put the oil in a wax glass dish i use for dabbing with a nector collecter and it worked wonders, Thanks Sam Blodgett your a oil savior.

  5. How can you reclaim the oil from the other end? Not the mouth piece. I have a glass top mouth piece. I did take put the gasket and screw and I was going to go get the hair dryer and start, when I noticed by watching your video a third time, that it's the metal mouth piece you screwed off. I dont have that one. I've been going crazy trying to figure this out. I don't want to mess this up. I get one shot . Can you please respond back and let me know what to do? Or anyone seeing this please help me. Thank you

  6. Sam this is gerat and timely!!
    I just got my first bad cartridge …
    Not to mention all the ones with dregs in the bottom
    I didn't really think to balance them like ketchup bottles
    But here's a weird question:
    Do I need the hair dryer?
    Can I just put them on a warm stove, radiator, or computer?
    Or does the heat need to be more intense, or the vibration from the air make the oil more viscous or something?
    Thanks again

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