How to make Rick Simpson Oil (Hash Oil) Quick and safe using Everclear (2018)✔

I’m going to show you how i make Rick Simpson Oil my way in a safe manner quick and easy and Super potent ( for educational purposes only)


  1. If your making to smoke use fresh flower..if your making for edibles soak that shit for as long as you choose in freezer months if you choose to.i did video for those who want to make at home in 3 hrs.i dab tho.

  2. I also saw a vid from mediweit that used a baby bottle warmer to, worked well, but I can no longer find the vid on their channel

  3. If you use Everclear remember it comes in three different proofs. You need at least the 190 proof. Your best bet is purchasing some Food Grade Ethanol, which is 200 Proof, the only problem is that Ethanol is damn expensive even by the gallon. There are ways to conserve your high priced alcohol by how you go about setting up your process. Remember also, alcohol also draws out the chlorophyll thus making your final product, "The Green Dragon" which taste like shit and that is why I am going to be using a NUG-SMASHER to extract the resin and then mix it SCT oil.

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