How To Make A CBD Tincture From Scratch

A quick guide for how to make a tincture with medicinal hemp. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating CBD Products From …


  1. Excellent video. I'm curious about what concentrations of CBD oil you typically get using such a method. Naturally, it depends on the flower but I'm curious if there is some mathematical concordance between CBD% of the flower and the resulting CBD oil concentration. Do you know what concentrations you have at the end?

  2. Would you get an effect from the alcohol? I’m a truck driver looking to make this to take on the go. And if the alcohol has an effect I might need something else

  3. That alcohol is 25%water which disolves useless stuff degrading the quality 195% everclear is better 30 yrs ago JASCOS DENATURED ALCOHOL REMOVED MORE RESIN LESS CLOROPHIL ETC

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