How to make a cbd Isolate base with a E-LIQUID recipe

MUST BE 21 TO WATCH I changed the recipe that is in this video. The 10 ml bottle I made contains 10 mg CBD. RECIPE …


  1. So how does the CBD isolate effect you when you vape it? Like, certain strains of flower are good for a bit of a pick me up during the day, some are great for relaxing, some are good for stress and some for sleep. What might we expect from the isolate?

  2. Ok, so I buy juice from my local vape shop.. house juice. Strawberry/Banana. 3mg. Max VG. Sometimes when i get it, its not real sweet like it usually is…….. (my fav girl makes mine, and she says she never uses sweetner so not sure why it would do that… any ideas? She used 6ml ripe banana (TFA) and 4 ml of strawberry (She thnks TFA) also.. on 120 ml size…. thats all I know. I have sweetner, but it just doesnt make sense why every so often its not sweet when they dont add any sweetner at all. IS it something Im doing, like need to change out my cotton or coil? She actually quit recently and told me how to make it myself.. but unless I have to, I dont want to mess with it yet.

  3. Good video hippy 👍 I've seen the video's your talking about with the boiling water those tend to use peg 300/400 as a dilution and they need higher heat to bond or the mix separates.

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