How-To: Get the Most out of Your Oil Cartridge

Today we take a deep dive into how to properly maintain, store, and use your oil cartridges so you can get the most out of them. Oil Cartridge care is extremely …


  1. most of yall are smoking fake pens but with real shit u gotta turn the voltage up and take a deadly rip that you can barely breathe after. Its great n 1 rip is like smoking a few j's

  2. My ilera disposable vape went through the washing machine. Battery wouldnt stop blinking and wouldnt hit so I opened it up. What can I do with the remaining oils since my pen is not working?

  3. When it stops hitting, unscrew the mouthpiece and scrape the leftover oil out with a paperclip. Theres usually enough to take a decent dab or at the very least enough to smear on a piece of bud to make your next bowl tasty af and in my experience the combustion with the oil gets you even more smacked than a usual rip 👀

  4. I had the tiniest bit of oil in my cartridge. It was dead asf when I hit it. I rubbed it between my hands for about a minute and took the FATTEST hit 😂 thanks bro

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