How to Clean the Instant Pot Sealing Ring – Simple Way!!!!

How to get rid of the funky smell off the Instant Pot Sealing or Silicone ring??? In this video, I’m sharing the most effective, the best and the cheapest way to clean …


  1. Last night I cooked corned beef and cabbage, 1st time using a Instant Pot Duo Nova, then cleaned/scrubbed/soaked all the rubber parts in Dawn/hot water. That took a lot of the smell out, but still smelled. So, the next day I noticed your video and tried what you suggested. Still smells like corned beef and cabbage. I did change up your recipe a little. I did 2 cups of white vinegar and "one whole lemon" sliced up then did the steam thing for 3 minutes. Still smells. Help!!!

  2. Thanks for the cleaning tips.
    Here is what the Instant Pot manual for the Duo says on page 51:
    • Wash after each use with hot water and mild dish soap and allow to air dry, or place in top rack of dishwasher. • Remove all small parts from lid before washing. • With steam release valve and anti-block shield removed, clean interior of steam release pipe to prevent clogging. • To drain water from the lid after dishwashing, grasp the lid handle and hold the lid vertically over a sink, then turn it 360°—such as turning a steering wheel. • After cleaning, store the lid upside down on the cooker base. • Store sealing rings in a well-ventilated area to decrease residual odor of flavorful meals. To eliminate odors, add 1 cup (8 oz / 250 mL) water and 1 cup (8 oz / 250 mL) white vinegar to inner pot, and run Pressure Cook for 5–10 minutes, then QR pressure.

  3. Thanks for this tip! So I did an Instant Pot no no and forgot to clean the sealing ring after the meal. It was really late at night and I made lamb ribs in it. LAMB! You can imagine how that that ring smelled the next day. So nasty. After trying this tip I can now smell lemon, vinegar, and a hint of lamb still. However, it is considerably a lot less strong of a lamb smell. I hope this lamb smell will leave if I repeat this process a few times. Thanks a bunch and I have now subscribed.

  4. This is what you do: put in 2 cups white vinegar , 1/2 lemon , put the lid on , use the steam function for 2 min : VIOLA! The gasket will now have gotten clean in the process and will no longer smell … that is ABSOLUTELY everything you need to know.. don't bother watching the video this dingbat talks endlessly

  5. Just watched. You did an excellent job. Thank you. Just one question… does it matter which side you put the seal back in??? Thanks again, it’s people like you that makes learning easy.

  6. you can buy replacement rings on amazon. they come in colors. I use a certain color for meat, beans, stew, stuffed bell peppers etc. I do use this method though with them.

  7. Love, love love my IP but that funky smelly ring drives me crazy even after washing in soapy water. Will definitely try your method. Thank you.

  8. This is a great suggestion. -running a cooking cycle with a lemon and vinegar. I will try this. It's interesting that the instant pot manual claims that you can wash the pot lid in the dishwasher. I tried this (although on the top rack of the dishwasher). The pot lid was ok BUT the silicone ring did retain the smell of the last item that we had cooked.

  9. Is this every time you do after cooking. It is totally waste time because of this smelly sealing ring and the instant pot not worth it even is faster but it makes very worst in kitchen.

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