Growing Marijuana OUTDOORS in Toronto – 2020 Grow . Ep.1

This is my 4th time growing Marijuana, and will be my most experimental thus far! I want to achieve the best results with potency, yield, and overall look and …


  1. This is great your about 2 weeks ahead of me and live in my region(Hamilton). Im using the exact same food. I can see your results and adjust from there. This isgreat. Thanks for sharing. Keep growing.

  2. great video! I live near London Ontario. Just a word of caution though. I had 15 growing 2 weeks ago and they were at there 2nd to 3rd set of leaves already. I go to water them in the morning and a F#$&ing rodent had eatin ALL of them, leaving only the leaves behind. So be carefull. it is very rare to have a mouse in my house and I did get him 2 days after. I now keep mine in a small aerated green house until I put them outside. – Pete

  3. Add some And unsulphured organic molasses usually you can get it at most grocery stores for about 7 or $8 or a 32 oz use that through your flowering. What size containers will you be putting them and outside

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