Episode 009 – CBD Update and The Headache and Migraine Summit

Hey pod people! In this episode I finally give you my initial assessment of how well CBD oil is helping or not helping my migraine pain. If you missed the podcast …


  1. I have a stomach condition (probably an ulcer) so I've only tried a balm instead of anything edible. I use CBD Balm from Natural Native on my face when I have a migraine. (There's a lot of talk about unregulated additives/contaminants in CBD so brands are important) It takes away pain immediately. It doesn't take away dizziness or nausea but if I apply it once an hour I can cheat a migraine day pain-free. I've had pain go from 4 to 0. It's pricy but it's for sale at Family Video.

  2. I suffer from migraines and have used cannabis for 20 years. I vape street bud these days, in a herbal vaporizer, and it tends to be high in thc and low in cbd. I don't have a choice over this as it's still illegal where I live. I find that sometimes it can help a migraine, but most of the time it won't have any effect, and can even make it worse. However, occasionally I will order high dose cbd lozenges from the internet, which is legal where I live, but super expensive. They work out at about £10 per lozenge. They are so far 100% effective at removing migraines. This is still very anecdotal though because I can't afford to use it that much. It's cheaper for me to order sumatriptan from the internet.

    I have also tried vaping cbd, in a vape pen, and wasn't impressed. It's always going to be oil based, and therefore will always destroy your coils. The best way to take it (in my experience) is high dose edibles, and only when you need it because you will build up a tolerance to its effects. Emphasis on the high dose.

  3. I get rare migraines and I'm not recommended to take preventatives, but from personal experience when I get the first sign (aura) I will smoke a few hits of flowers high in THC and the pain doesn't come at all. Since I smoke such a small amount I don't usually feel much of the psychotropic effects. Maybe I've just been lucky, but it seemed to work. I am curious if using CBD under the tongue when I have the warning signs would be as beneficial. I'm not a big fan of smoking, but it's so infrequent I feel that it out weighs the smoking aspect. I would love to hear your thoughts and how your experience is with CBD.

  4. I started trying marijuana when I heard your first podcast about it. Since then, I've noticed for me personally cbd edibles (honey, gummys, chocolate) help to relax my body since I'm so tense during a migraine. It's only decreased the pain by maybe 1 or 2 levels. I've also tried smoking cbd flower out of a pipe. I don't feel a different at all and I haven't tried tinctures yet, but my father in law says it helps a lot with his migraines where he's actually able to get through a work day and he'll take more later to help him sleep.

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