Dr. Alvarez: It's time to legalize marijuana and move on

Fox News senior managing health editor says the genie is out of the bottle. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to …


  1. I agree that right now it can be a gateway drug for a lot of people. You know why it is a "gateway drug?" Because you have to go to a drug dealer to get it.

    Drug dealers are notorious for lacing bags of weed with other stuff. They know that weed is not highly addictive, and they want you to start getting addicted to one of their products so that they have a guaranteed frequent customer. Therefore, they put small amounts of crack, meth, or something else in bags of weed so that people keep coming back. Once the person is hooked, they will eventually let them in on the fact that it is something else they really want. That's how drug dealers work. So of course it is going to be a gateway in that circumstance.

  2. Your opinion holds no weight facts speak louder than your feelings legalize cannabis cuz all you're doing is destroying the lives of millions of people who consume cannabis for health benefits just because you don't agree with it don't make it wrong you need to educate yourself God bless

  3. Government should have no business telling people what they can or can’t put in their body. Government was created to protect God given rights. Now we are in a nanny state.

  4. They would be wise to let it be a free plant like tomatoes. This will boost economy in a new building material called Hemp'O'Crete giving farmers a new resource croup …

  5. If it was legal it would not be a gateway to nothing I have a drug dealer for my weed. Think that person is just selling weed uh no probably not! Now if it was never wrongfully put as a class 1 drug and was regulated we would buy pot from a smoke shop and drug dealers would just deal meth and crack not no marijuana. The gateway is your audience you involve yourself with not all weed dealers are pot heads they just sell drugs in general

  6. I have smoked for 40 years for insomnia and have NEVER used any cocaine or ANY other..pot just works for me,this woman on here is another airhead that listens to people that have no clue.

  7. Trump said he would seriously consider "removing the ban on weed".' That means if enough doctors and scientists meet him, he will. Obama used to tease the hell out of sick people who have benefitted already for years.

  8. How is marijuana a gateway drug? Every state with recreational use is shown a decline in heroin overdoses. So you are talkin stupid s*** that you know nothing about.

  9. Funny story i live in Oklahoma. I was talking to a k9 officer about making it legal. He replied they make to much money for it being illegal. Fast forward 3 months oklahoma was suing Colorado because of all the drug bust is costing to much money. I talked to k9 officer again he replied it’s taking up too much money with all the drug bust. In which I replied you cant have it both way you already said its a money maker well you should be thanking Colorado for the business…. he just shut up and walked away

  10. Weed makes you lazy? That’s crazy. I use it to get me to go to bed early so I can wake up at 5:30 everyday to workout before I have to go to work. If I didn’t I would struggle to sleep due to racing thoughts. Wake up and grind by day and relax/smoke by night.

  11. Historically, the popularity of various illicit drugs rises and falls…pot remains steady. There is no connection to pot and hard drugs. Nobody smokes a joint and says, "…But what I'd really like is some heroin." Folks who like pot like a very specific low-level buzz that pot specifically gives them. They like their pot like a social drinker likes a specific brand of booze. Has anyone ever met a hard-core drug addict who pins the start of his woes to his first puff of weed?

  12. @3:11 kids are already freaking lazy because of the internet. that's just another excuses upon the other 1,000 other excuses that people keep coming up with to not fully legalize it in Texas

  13. Legalize it. Period. Its ridiculous to think that it's somehow harmful and detrimental to the public, especially in comparison to alcohol and even ibuprofen for that matter. Let's move ahead and get on board with reality here.

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