Charlotte's Web Cannabis Oil

Charlotte’s Web – it’s the strain that’s in high demand for parents treating their children’s seizures. The strain gets its name not from the children’s book, but from a …


  1. Hi, now that CBD is legal, I see Charlotte's Web being sold at VitaminShoppe. I want to try it, but I have a history of psychosis. I am concern about the THC in Charlotte's Web. Is it safe for someone like me?

  2. I’m hoping this product helps me. Today was day one. I’m a Bilateral Retinoblastoma cancer survivor with multiple health issues from radiation damage and other rare conditions. I am highly sensitive to meds and fear that my body’s constant attempts to heal itself is untouchable to medical professional across the US. Of the dozens of specialist I have saw, only one is my advocate and believes over time my quality of life can get worse. I’ve tried hundreds of times to get others to understand my struggles and that being a survivor comes with changes that even doctors can’t help. Finally at a point I can afford the therapy long term and without fear of being fired from my job. I have found that understanding my body and learning my triggers has been the best thing for me. I seldom lay take meds and I refuse anything long term. Turning to natural resources has helped me and opened my eyes to just how harmful our food and drug industry really is.

  3. God that little girl is strong. I have 1 seizure every month or 2, couldn’t even imagine 300 seizures a week. Going to try and substitute CBD for keppra because I still have seizures. I take 1500mg a day, what would that be equal to in CBD mg?

  4. CW is one of the only companies to deliver to Australia through a reseller site of sorts.
    I can go to the Australian website and order knowing it is in Aus dollar and shipping is free.
    If you order from outside Aus, you are hit up with taxes, shipping, and the shitty Aus dollar, It ends up becoming a small fortune.

    The regulations and laws when talking cannabis here are draconian at the best. 🙁

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