CBD vs THC (my experience)

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  1. "Experience" pffftt , its just pot mate, you say it like you were trippin' on acid…
    let me tell y'all easily what the difference between this two :
    CBD takes you to Peace
    THC takes you to Space

  2. Only effect I have noticed from CBD is being Angry that it does nothing.
    If you use cannabis to medicate a condition, I would stay away from CBD.
    Basically useless.

  3. from what I heard, modern strains of weed were heavily bred to produce more cannabinoids. May them be THC or CBD.
    But even CBD strains are very modern as we needed to breed the thc out first!
    So old strains of weed had both thc and cbd, but in smaller quantities than modern day weed.
    Today we can reach about 30%+ total cannabinoids, terpenes, etc way back, maybe it was more like 10% which just means you had to smoke more (more tar in your lungs) to get the same medical effects.
    I think long therm, I'll be moving away from THC bred stuff and rather use 1:1 thc/cbd strains as my daily flowers.

  4. CBD is more than just oil…You can break down and smoke CBD all the same ways you smoke THC. I consume CBD way more now compared to my THC days when I was younger and I know why now what the "bad highs" were…CBD treats the anxiety for me…no paranoia, I can wake up with it, work after a session, and get things done and it soothes my physical pain. If I smoke THC, at least I know which strains work for me and I'm the same way, I gotta make sure I'm doing nothing or socializing to smoke it. Or I'd smoke CBD after to get me going again.

  5. Bro idk I’ve tried cbd and I don’t feel anything from at least the ones I tried (vapes), should I try actual joints/blunts?

  6. Thank you!!! I jus ordered cbd vape pens… me and thc don’t mix well… I have a love hate relationship with weed! So hopefully the cbd will give me the relaxation without the super high feeling

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