CBD to THC ratio that's Right for You

WHAT’S THE BEST RATIO OF CBD & THC FOR YOU? // Understand CBD & THC ratios. Find the best ratio of CBD & THC for you. Watch this video! — For a …


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  2. I have been a long time marijuana user. Over the last 5 years I started to get anxiety attacks right after smoking some times. This issue progressed to the point of anxiety attacks without smoking to the point I went to the hospital because I thought I was having a heart attack. I was determined that I have an anxiety disorder. I have tried a couple medications but most seem to make things worse. I stopped my medications and things have gotten be but I still have anxiety attacks and have trouble sleeping. I worry constantly and stress over just about everything. It’s very hard for me to calm down. Would would you recommend to help me feel more relaxed less stressed and be able to sleep well. Thank you for your time.

  3. I am just starting this medical journey and originally had a 10:1 tincture cbd/thc. I went through the bottle in a week but it helped tremendously!
    I then changed to a 19:1 cbd/thc to reduce the amount taken per day. I've got nothing but horrible migraines that won't go away. Isn't cbd supposed to take away the pain. I'm so confused. ?????

  4. I find, with edibles, you want to do much less THC. That’s because the liver converts it to 11-hydroxy THC, which can pass through the BBB ten times more effectively than THC. From what I understand, CBD does not convert to a more potent form. So if you do a 1:1 CBD:THC edible, you will feel the THC. Pharmacologically, it is like 1:10 CBD:THC. Pretty stony.

    I just made some infused olive oil that’s 20:1 CBD:THC. I measured it carefully with an accurate scale and did a precision decarb in my Lift. Then I infused it in olive oil, with a second run in the Lift. Even with that small amount of THC, the effects are palpable, but not intoxicating. The CBD oil is so much more effective, especially with its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. I feel remarkably social and soreness from exercise and exertion are wiped out. Unlike ibuprofen, it doesn’t destroy my stomach lining. In fact, research seems to show it heals the gi tract.

    In my experience, you want some THC in CBD oil, to promote the entourage effect. This is why I make my own CBD oil. I use Honolulu Haze for the CBD and my home grown ILGM White Widow for the THC. I have also found most edibles in dispensaries to be of poor quality. Making your own oil is so easy. Just decarb, infuse and strain. I siphon the oils into amber bottles with oral syringe adapters. It makes dosing much easier. Home oil makers might not get the perfect dosage, so with THC, I always put my toe in the water. If you ever OD on THC, just vape or smoke some CBD. No need to clog the ER unless you ate massive amounts…

  5. Hi, I just finished your podcast on the learn true health podcast, I’ve had this question for awhile and wanted to ask. On the joe Rogan podcast he had a sleep expert on and they were talking about the effects of marijuana and alcohol on sleep cycles and how they suppress rem sleep (the point out the fact that marijuana helps people get to sleep but the actual sleep quality itself suffers). I just wanted to know if Cbd has the same effect? I know people use it to help them sleep but I’m just again wondering if the quality of sleep you’re getting might be suffering?

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