CBD Oil For Opiate Withdrawal, Anxiety, Pain Relief, and Much More!

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  1. Hi Matt I’m stepping down from 1.75 mg of Suboxone and I am interested in the CBD oil. How much should I take and what brand you recommend. I am onto this! I hear so many horror stories about jumping off Suboxone and I wanna be free of this I’ve been on it for three years I watched every YouTube video you can imagine and keep coming back to you. I would like to order some as I am having some minorWith drawls and anxiety shopping at this level.

  2. I’m from Chicago and got strung out on herion. I’m 38 and started when I was 20, the only times I was clean was when I was locked up. I ended up moving down to Arkansas and got on suboxion. I’ve been on them for 2 years and it got my life back on track. Have a good job, house, car and all that. I was wanting to taper off the subs and I know I’m going to go threw it. I go threw BAD withdrawals because of all the dope I did in the past. So my question is will this take the withdrawals away well enough and still do physical work?

  3. This man has multiple videos for dealing with opiate withdrawal and home remedies to help I have done my homework and much research and some of the best advice I’ve gotten from this man I thank you from the bottom of my heart you are a wonderful man for sharing this freely and doing it just for the kindness of the people you truly are a soldier

  4. THC. Is the real cure. NOT cbd. . Make the oil with the INDICA straines. Pure Indicas make the most effective medicine.. White widow… Northern lights.. blueberry. Are great indica plants .

  5. Thanks for this ! I see that this is about a year old . I read recently that CBD does bind to opiate receptors . And I would agree because I took a very high-end oil for about a week , then I stopped and when I take even the very strong stuff (meaning opiates) … (Like you , Matt , I am doing a bit of experimentation) no matter how much I take , I can't feel any euphoria from it . ( Don't worry , am being safe) . But now I want to ONLY take CBD in order to heal and quit altogether . Forever . Please folks , don't say anything mean to me here . Those of us that subscribe to this channel are just good people trying to get clean , stay clean in the best way we can . All the best to you All .

  6. I tried pure cbd oil to help me withdraw from opioids. I bought a very highly recommended brand too and took large doses. Didnt help my pain, sleep or discomfort. Did give me a headache though…useless.

  7. I'm trying to get off Norco. Is this something I should use while I taper or would it be safe to just stop taking the Norco and take this instead? I've been on Norco 15 mg every 5 hours for 15 years. I haven't hardly missed a dose.

  8. Im sure there was alot of helpful information in this video and wouuld have liked to learn more about the cbd benefits but couldnt listen and focus on what you are sayimg because the music in the background is to loud and very distracting

  9. I need help… I think I’m close to an overdose but I begin withdrawal in an astonishing short amount of time I have to take something every 2-3 hours to feel normal I can’t smoke because of anxiety, I don’t even want to talk to anyone it’s embarrassing, what should i use that contains 0% THC?, please and thanks

  10. So if I got panic attacks from smoking weed in the past (which is why I haven't done it in almost 30 years), then CBD oil will not have that affect? That's why I've been avoiding trying CBD.

  11. I’m trying to kick percocets/fentanyl for the last fucking time. I just bought this CBD called Wonder extract from Salud Natural (100% natural product) and I just want to know how I should take this. I’m about to kick it cold turkey but I really need something to help with my withdraws. Please, if there’s someone out there that can share some knowledge about this stuff, please do. I want my life and family back more than anything in this world.

  12. A pure oil should have nothing but hemp seed oil and CBD extract no other ingredients if you have more ingredients than 2 possibly 3 for flavor then you are wasting your time and money.

  13. I'm having a hard time trying to find someone who sells it, I'm in pain everyday, I have depression and nerve damage, fibromyalgia and no cartridge left in my knees so they hurt every time I move plus my back is bad, my Dr has me on all these drugs and they are not helping and i want off of them . Can someone help? I bought The CBD Oil from our liquor store and the are selling it but it doesn't work because its only sunflower oil so don't waist your money plus they are selling moldy weed too.

  14. Been really wanting to do this and think I need too. Been using Suboxen for 5 years after a 20 year dependence on Heroin.
    Looks like this could be a game changer for my recovery.

  15. I'm gonna spend much as I can to go this route Suboxone didn't work for be couldn't sit 20min with it in mouth while being sick while taken crazy… Glad for the info n video , I'm puttin my all into this to end the misery of day to day trying to jus feel normal……

  16. I'm still trying to send people to your channel and page Matt 😊
    I have a quick question..
    I no longer see CBDPure recommended on your page (I think that's their name)
    Am I just missing it or are you only promoting Top Extracts?

  17. I want to quit opiates so bad. I got subs and CBD oil but in capsules. 100 mg all together. But I know I'm a hardcore addict.. what's a good dose to take. Like as in milligrams

  18. I am at day 10 of suboxone withdrawal. Doing pretty well but I’ve noticed that the lingering pain i still have is my feet. Can you give any explanation for this? Are my feet the final detox location in my body? It feels basically like my feet are sunburnt which is what I felt all over my body during withdrawal… but most of my physical withdrawals have subsided thankfully. Do you have any thoughts on this?

  19. Used Kratom, nutrients, and cbd oil for first 2 days. Kratom works very well but it affects your receptors, so your going to withdraw when you get off because of the receptors and the cns system, dopamine and serotonin depletion, it’s why withdrawals are so bad. Now I’m on Gabapentine and we’ll see if there’s withdrawals after a week! Look this guy up! He has really great advice and scientific research on different ways to get off opiates and PAWS! Take care

  20. Hi Matt, I would like to place my order for CBD oil.. I'm going to take your advice and try Top Extracts..
    Could you please tell me what mg you would suggest for severe H w/d , chronic anxiety&depression?

  21. I recently started taking black seed oil for health benefits as well as because I heard it could help with opiate withdrawal also.. do you happen to know if it would be ok to continue taking it along with CBD oil? So far I've never seemed to notice any issues with mixing supplements or oils.. I just don't literally take them all at the same time, I usually space them 2 hours or longer in between taking different supplements..

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