1. Are you in Cali? I'm in Texas, my husband came across a cbd shop. Not sure if they have hemp. But not thc. I have tachycardia. My resting heart rate is between 90-100. I got a few samples from the cbd store. They actually help lower my heart rate naturally. He gave me d
    Samples that were 17 mgs each. But split then. Any advice. I also have mild arthritis in one hand and both shoulders.

  2. Hi, how do you buy these? Do you need to get a Doctor's prescription or Psychiatrists referral? I still don't understand how you are supposed to purchase CBD products in California. Would prefer to purchase it in a easy way.


  3. Hey Bro .. Thank you for this wonderful video. I'm Clement Joe from Malaysia. So long I'm finding for this best product. I have check with Malaysian Law department and immigration. They told me this gummies are legal and can import from other countries. Unfortunately I can't find this product in my country. Can u help me to send me two bottles and I can pay you first including shipping charges bro. I'm experiencing very bad anxiety almost two years. I quit job, can't go anywhere due to Anxiety. My daily activities are effected. Can u help reply me. Thank you bro

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