CBD for Anxiety

Does CBD Oil Help Anxiety? // In this video, I talk about how CBD has helped my patients with Anxiety. And, I also delve into the reasons why CBD helps Anxiety.


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  2. Great information on CBD and Anxiety- I have lived with chronic anxiety all my life and I recommend CBD oil with hemp oil and no thc from a reliable company…………….Thank You Dr Patel

  3. If we can't get CBD in India (the available ones are unaffordable or untrusted brand) can we use Ashwagandha for anxiety? Please let me know if I can get CBD in India or any other options.

  4. I want to thank you so very much for all the informational videos you are providing ❣️ I have & still am suffering from anxiety attacks, agoraphobia, depression for 25 yrs! I am so desperately looking for something to get my life back! Been guinea pig on antidepressants & benzodiazepines for about 25 years now and still suffering 😒

  5. I told a friend of mine who lives in Nottingham, England that she should try CBD oil but she wasn't sure if it's legal in the U.K., I'm pretty sure it is. I've tried a couple of oils, Red Sativa and Blue Indica from Tweed Main Street in Ont., Canada🇨🇦 and I can honestly say that they do work. I just got my latest shipment yesterday of Bedrocan skunk from the Netherlands and Brackley Beach Waves indica from Island Garden based in P.E.I., Canada, both are dense bud flowers that are high in THC so I doubt they would be legal in England.
    Anywho, gonna share this video with her.

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