Cannabis News – Don't Be So Defensive, Eh | Ep. 615 | 03-13-2020

Joe Klare discusses Canada defending legalization, medical marijuana progress in Alabama and Indiana residents buying marijuana in neighboring states and …


  1. Hey guys, all good here. We have paused are marketing efforts due to economic impact last month. We hope to continue with the daily show once everything gets back to normal. Truly appreciate the support and wishing the best to you all during these times.

  2. It happened like that in Florida at but the following year voters changed that! You still have to have the prescription, but you can buy as much flowers and that’s what you have to call it when you go in the stores flower no marijuana or weed do you have to refer to it as dry flower. Hoping the Alabama will get there soon, we will!

  3. If you are planning to cross a state line do yourself a favor and park a couple of blocks away from the dispensary so what ever surveillance team (that MAY be there) can not take down your car make and licence plate number. Over kill ? Maybe, but I would not put it past some ….um … ambitious (?) police task force to do exactly that.

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