Cancer Survivor and Homeless Veteran Living in a Tent in Los Angeles's Koreatown

Lucrecia is a cancer survivor and was in the army for four years. Like tens of thousands of homeless Angelenos, she lives homeless in a tent in Los Angeles’s …


  1. I spent 10 hrs homeless after injuries from serving. Its like the world grow up around me. Internet wasn't even a thing then the iPhone came along. I still feel lost in the world most days.

  2. I'm shook how people have no social guarantees in US. Someone gets ill and looses their home just because of that, where is help from the government????

  3. First she said she had to leave the apartment bc she wasn't on the lease and would have to pay $600 THEN she says her dad kicked her out. Get your story straight, still on drugs. BYE.

  4. To the 36 people who dislikes this, I hope you understand there is only one situation keeping you from becoming like this. Not shaming her, but shaming you. Just to think you don’t have a soul is hard. But thinking that you were able to dislike this is even harder, because it shouldn’t be like that.

  5. Veterans shouldn't go through this. Fighting not to die in the military then come home and have to fight not to die because of being homeless….total shame😔

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