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The popular cannabis compound may help some people wean off addictive pain meds, but here’s …


  1. jesus christ, her severe pain with opiods is a 3 or 4?!? A good day for me on SEVERE OPIODS is a 7 or 8. STAY AWAY FROM METHADONE!! THEYRE CONCERNED WITH MONEY BUT OT ONLY NOT, IT CAN KILL U IF U USE A CPAP MACHINE AND YOU WILL NVR BE PRESCRIBED OPIATES AGAIN. My hsband started going to a clinic because we couldnt afford a pain management and him bying them off the streets almost ruined us. Once he was on Medicaid and started a pain mngt, he was stuck. his backbone was nearly ripped in half in an accident so hes not just s fiend. Guess what, he had a heart attack and isi on blood thinners which require a whole nother level just to get shots approved, Therefore, no surgeries or epidurals. We need help before he takes his or someone elses life because of the pain

  2. Just went through withdrawal…,again. I’m telling you folks: weed, kratom and if you can get it, Xanax, for restless legs and insomnia cut it all down 50%! I took a week off. Best decision of my life.

  3. All pill poppers will say they hated the high from THC because………yup, you guessed it….they don't get the speed effect! They only like the speed high, that's all! That's why they switch to Adderall! Same for meth users, they lie to Docs to make them think they have ADHD/ADD…..why you might ask? Welp its because they are after the Speed High Only!

  4. I’ve been completely stalled in my recovery from opioid addiction. I started a suboxone (later switched to generic buprenorphine tablets) treatment program 3.5 years ago and while I have been able to taper down to about 1/3 of what I used to take, I’ve hit a point at which cutting any further really exacerbates my anxiety significantly, as well as nerve pain, muscle soreness and a general sick feeling.

    I decided to order a few different cbd products which should be arriving tomorrow and my plan is to go off of my current medication entirely with the help of cbd to manage those withdrawal symptoms. With any luck, I’ll finally be able to get away from this medication.

  5. CBD and Kratom helps with addiction. I wonder why the FDA cracks down more on these natural medicines than the drug companies abusing the sales of opioids? 🤔

  6. BACK & NECK PAIN: The stigma, the results, the costs and what we as Americans should demand. This may be the most important posting you may read currently on the subject, especially about the costs.

    I was never an unlawful drug user and the stigma of Cannabis delayed my getting on board. I also did not want smoke anything. Then the Dr said, you have receptors for this and recommended I try the oils. That stigma stopped the day after I started as it works! The dispensary recommended – and I found – the CBD oil about 70% and at least 3% THC works and opioids supplement if needed at a less rate. A product called Sweet Relief is a syringe (no needle) that has premarked dose lines. Add to foods or simply take a scoop of peanut butter, open a divot pocket, Push the syringe plunger and it comes out like a honey thickness and smooth the oil inside and consume. The oil just by itself tastes bitter directly and not desired.

    Cuts pain by about 40%. What that equates to is “a percentage of your day will rely only on the cannabis”. You may find the end of the day you need opioids as well, but less. Or just one light opioid with Cannabis gets you through most of the day. The THC helps because it reduces stress. I feel more relaxed and now prefer to be pleasant. Often back pain individuals are physically guarding or compensating around an injury area. It’s frustrating holding this all day long. The Oil masks the feeling and you are not as tense. I also find the THC to charm me up “a bit” around others. Quite frankly, when you are in damn pain, you are definitely less friendly and way less tolerant to BS. Example, you get pissed faster, you are more likely to be a little jerky when you are tired and at the end of a work shift. Any help from the tiny THC is most welcome. Remember, as long as you are reasonable, you are not going to overdose, if you take a bit too much, you just get sleepy. What I am saying is don’t be a panic user. It’s not like normal prescription meds that is more rigid about dosing. One bad thing is Cannabis is slower to get to work. It may take an hour or hours to fully kick in. So if you wake up in pain, if you are in MF pain, I wait till after a shower, then take both the opioid and the Cannabis. If you are not feeling that bad, just do the Cannabis. Do not drive until you have a solid grasp on dosing times and how you react. Understand how food, rest and water are and not something to run dry on. Cycling in Antiinflammatory’s and Lyrica helps too.

    I had a back injury 27 years ago – did all the conservative method crap that never lasted – eventually had 4 surgeries over time and even in the past three years traveled to Barcelona for premium disc implants not available in the US (because the FDA panders to the big buck mega manufacturers – making it so expensive in costs and time in years to get approved). What happens is the very best outstanding implants NOT made by mega-corporations go for the CE approved so they can sell to the whole European Union 28 Countries and that CE approval is often recognized by many other Nations around the globe. So, the US is the VERY last stop on the train since they can finally afford to pay millions and added years to the US for such approval. The problem is the market in the US has too many implants with NO shock absorbing properties like a real disc and many fail to address necessary turning tension so facets don’t hyper turn and ware out faster). Fusion is a joke, it causes the disc above to wear out and years later, another stupid fusion. It’s cruel.

    THE COSTS !!!! The costs are too high. We need Walgreens and CVS to dispense, what I would call “a harmony group” of Cannabis in pill and capsule form that can be sold economically or at least under your Health Insurance. This is VERY important because I can get opioids for $10 for the month. This Oil Sweet Relief is $70 for ten – eight hour doses, so that’s $21 a day if you were using it around the clock. Not many can afford that! We need legislation to make this happen and to be vocal about this.

    The faster these costs to the user is addressed, the better these programs will be. The better we serve society and care for the people in real pain. It’s not fair to be just for the rich. Reach out to your Represetative and Congress persons – Thumbs Up?

  7. At 2:36 this lady said she tripped while carrying 180 lbs of tie-downs….c’mon…who is she fooling. I would be willing to bet it was probably HALF that weight AT BEST!!
    This makes you wonder about her CLAIMS of pain.

  8. this really deserves further extensive medical research maybe they can alter the compounds to get rid of the "high" and keep the pain reduction.I dont know ,but we should be looking for something to replace opiates with something that will kill most of the pain without altering ones mental abilities and also allow them to be functional at work and adl s

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