Bakerstreet Marijuana Monday

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  1. This just shows that expensive grow rooms and high tech gear might make a grower compliant with idiotic government regulations, but its not rocket science to grow good cannabis. If there's something government can screw up, it will.

  2. wow. thats what my doctor perscribed me in germany!!! first time i see a review of a strain on this channel which i have actually smoked myself before..its supposed to be hindu kush..

  3. Best of luck to everyone with regard to the Corona Virus. I've stocked up on peanut butter and canned stuff just lately, but the thing is, I've got the sniffles right now, and I've got a concert I need to go to. It'd be a total bummer to have to cancel right at the last minute, especially since I can't get a refund on the tickets. I doubt that I've got anything seriously wrong with me.

  4. “If anybody can grow cannabis, and it passes testing, they should be able to sell it. It’s a fair and open market.” All I want to do is grow and sell weed, why’s it have to be so complicated.

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