A Humboldt Story – Documentary – The Birth of the Marijuana Industry In California

A Marijuana Documentary Thats a Counter to Murder Mountain A Humboldt Story is a short cannabis documentary which explores the interesting history of …


  1. Sorry but I believe your history of how people came to Humboldt is wrong. People moved to humbolt during ww2 to escape the draft and again in the 70s it was about escaping the draft and being free

  2. 17:41 pic of bud covered in spider mites 👌🏻
    not saying theyre avoidable outside but maybe zoom in on a different nug next time lol
    Also you forgot 2004 sb420 law aloud doctors to give out recommendations to patients without much oversite and allowing the store fronts to opperste as cooperatives and such. This truly made California’s market significantly different!

  3. Great story. So, back in the day before marijuana wasn't legal in California, did these growers have a network of dealers to distribute their produce? Was it in any way working like a mafia? Please don't take my comment as a provocation, I mean only to ask for the facts.

  4. Fuck you people…go back to the city…you aren't heroes…lets talk about your theft of vital water…rerouting streams and adding to the fish crisis. You make me sick.

  5. Of course the land is good the triangle was part of Ancient AZTLAN.
    See they keep their weed on check.
    The ones in Mexico sadly the quality and thc% went down. Of course man is responsible. Thank God for trying to bless us with this lands.

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