2 Chefs Review CBD Food & Drink Products!

CBD products have been trending through the food and healthcare industry over the last five years – from CBD Tea, to CBD Gummy Bears, CBD oil, vape and …


  1. This feels like they think weed can hurt them but like in a physical way like weed can come to their door and beat their ass and steal their wife. No need to be scared guys.

  2. Negative effects of getting high on cannabis include: the munchies, feeling happy, and being relaxed… some may experience side effects such as: drowsiness, difficulty with heavy machinery and breaking out in handcuffs.

  3. This reminds me of when I used to work in a souvenir shop in Amsterdam. We sold "cannabis" lollipops, and my favourite memory of working there is a child getting incredibly angry with his mother for not being allowed to have the green lollipop (we also had normal ones). He threatened (in pure 6-year-old logic) that if he didn't get the green one he didn't want one and the mum just went 'cool'. They were just sweets though, so no harm would've been done if he'd had one. Would probably have been quite disappointing though

  4. CBD won't do anything in this low of doses. Anyone that claims to experience reduction of anything in doses of like 5-20mg is just experiencing placebo effects. The entire industry really is just trying to profit off of the weed craze.

  5. Fun fact. You can see what plant it is based on the number of “leaflets” on the leaf. 5 is cannabis ruderalis, 7 is cannabis indica (marijuana), and 9 is cannabis sativa (hemp). But pretty much all hybrids between any of them will only have 7. So most of the products tried here are the hybrids or marijuana plant leaf. Also cannabis has been recorded (and written) in history as having loads if the medicinal benefits people claim it to have today, to the point it was written in a lot of countries’ pharmacopeias until the US reached “reefer madness/the drug war on marijuana”

  6. It 'may' do this and 'may' do that and 'may' cure this and 'may' help with this. Also anecdotal evidence of one person (sample size 1) says it's great, pah! If it works, prove it. Put it in front of a scientific peer-reviewed study and get rid of the 'may' and 'coulds'. Anything that says it 'may' do this or 'may' do that is worthless. It may turn you into a pink giraffe, it may not. It may make you invisible it may make you speak fluent latin. pah! Why is the standard set so low for this sort of thing? Prove it! Clinically prove it! MAY INDEED!

  7. God I wish we had these prices in the states!!!! As someone who uses cbd in pill form everyday for medical purposes (bad pain anxiety and anti inflammatory for joints) can say it’s absolutely life changing!

  8. I live in the states and my specific state, cannabis is legal. In general, I do not partake in cannabis or CBD. Never have and never will (I also technically can't because I have a federal job). But I admit that I assumed CBD meant there was THC in the product. I honestly didn't really know anything about CBD (I have just gone down a rabbit hole of reading documents). I think that packaging in the video shows that a lot of the marketing plays off the drug culture and it's sad. For people like Mike's friend, if CBD helps them but they don't want to carry around a marijuana leaf printed package then they don't have many options. As I am reading cannabis is illegal in the UK, so it might be even more embarrassing to carrying something with the leaf printed on a product.

  9. Honestly, this video's given me an idea.

    Boys! It's time!

    Fruitcake three ways. DO IT. Ben seems to qualify fruitcake as pretty generic, James seems to qualify it as being universally terrible… So now it's your turn. I wanna see a Traditional, and I wanna see what both of you boys can come up with to bring about that traditional Christmas fruitcake feel and taste, but giving it your own flare! Make it happen… If you Dare.

  10. Hey people in the comments, yall are really chill and adult about the conversation surrounding cbd. Makes it easier for me to read and learn a little bit about your thoughts without the extremes of one side or another. Keep it up!

  11. The hardest part of this video is the guys being so weird and put off by cannabis themed packaging like its offensive to them even using the term "drug culture" to describe it at one point. It is derived from the plant, I cant see them reacting so badly to other products showing their origin plant? But the reactions and comments feel judgy an less about the packaging but their perceptions and biases of cannabis especially with the "negative effects of getting high" statement I really didn't expect that sort of thing from a channel that has a lot of drinking on it which is a far worse habit/recreational activity and has a far worse culture connected to it.

    I just hope a lot of this was done/said to cover there backs advertising wise but it felt hypocritical and weird to me.

  12. i used CBD products daily, because of my anxiety and depression but also because of my chronic pain, and i can tell you, for myself it really does work and yes its expensive but its worth the price to help me.

  13. Real talk: for many people using cannabis medicinally, CBD on its own doesn't help at all (for example with neuropathic pain) – you need a combo of CBD and THC. IT's time for the UK government to get off its Edwardian arse and legalise cannabis, so the terrible skunk that's almost the only thing you can get is wiped off the menu in favour of actual beneficial strains that also contain CBD (most skunk has no CBD at all, and that's what causes the psychosis etc). I get that you lads have to steer clear of this reality because THC is still illegal, but please stop demonising it.

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